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Below you will find a link to the intake form you'll need to complete before scheduling your first session. Please follow the instructions carefully and print or save a copy of the document before you submit it.

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Below is our HIPAA privacy policy. Please download, print, and read it.

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Below is a link to the $29 Gottman Relationship Checkup we are now using with relationship therapy.

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Fees and Insurance

Most psychotherapy services in Kansas are covered by health insurance or count toward deductible...

Family Psychological Services directly bills most insurance plans. Other plans allow out-of-network benefits. Please contact your health insurance providers to find out the details of your coverage. Copay, deductible, coinsurance, and any other services not covered by your insurance must be paid at time of service or set up on a monthly payment plan, as described below. Due to restrictive Medicare billing policies and auditing procedures, we only serve Medicare patients within scope of practice on an "opt-out" cash-only basis

Why you might want to opt out of using your health insurance for psychotherapy services...

Historically in Kansas, insurance carriers were regulated closely by a powerful insurance commissioner who took seriously consumer protection. As the political winds have shifted, consumers must take a closer look at their insurance benefits, particularly when using insurance in the highly sensitive area of psychotherapy and psychoharmacology. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas, the largest insurance carrier in Kansas regularly accesses mental health records via it's subcorporation New Directions in order to conduct utilization review and determine “medical necessity” for treatment. Click below to learn more.

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Since beginning practice in 1992, Dr. Wes has specialized in adolescent psychology, working successfully with hundreds clients on issues ranging from foster care out-placement to academic problems to sexual identity. He coauthored the Double Take column for parents and teens from 2004 to 2016 and has logged thousands of hours working with a wide range of adolescents and their families. In expanding his practice to include associates, Dr. Wes seeks out professionals with training and experience in work with teens and then oversees their practice through weekly consultation and education.

Dating and Sexuality

Nurturing Healthy Teen Sexual Development Within a Highly Sexualized Culture...

Dr. Wes holds Health Certificates in Sex Therapy and Sex Education from The University Of Michigan. He and our staff work extensively with teens of all sexual and gender identities on relationship building, healthy sexual expression, and ethical decision making. We also assist in sexual abuse recovery, helping alleviate harmful effects and clear the barriers to healthy relationships.

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School Problems

Trained and Experienced to Help Teens Improve School Performance...

We work not only with individual teens and their families. but also provide expert opinion and report writing to schools on Individual Education Plans (IEP), 504, and informal student improvement plans, and have worked to develop accommodations for elementary, middle, high school, and college students with learning disabilities. We are especially adept at working with teens who have ADHD from a broad systemic perspective.

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Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, and More

There's No Reason for Teens to Suffer in Silence...

Family Psychological Services treats ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and other psychological conditions common among teens using a psychobiological perspective. Dr. Wes wrote the popular self-help book I Always Want to Be Where I'm Not: Successful Living with ADD & ADHD. In addition to a broad array of psychotherapy techniques offered by each of our providers, Kelsey Daugherty APRN can prescribe a full range of psychopharmaceuticals.

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College, Trade School, and Career

Today's Young Adults Are Jockying for Position in a Complex Job Market...

Our staff offers guidance and support services to young adults on a full range of post-high school career paths, not just the traditional four-year college degree. We can help young people find a course in life, select the best-fit college, develop independent living plans, and recommend disability accomodations with colleges and trade schools.

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Relationships and Sexuality

Young Adulthood is Greatly Enhanced by Well-matched, Harmonious Relationships

Dr. Wes holds Health Certificates in Sex Therapy and Sex Education from The University Of Michigan. He and our staff work with young adults of all sexual and gender identities both single and coupled. We provide confidential, developmentally-informed consultation on dating, sexuality, and couple-building with an eye toward ethical decision-making, balance, and self-awareness within today's highly sexualized culture. We also assist in recovery from sexual assault and mistreatment. Click here to learn more about insurance reimbursement for relationship and sex therapy.

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Leaving Home

Many Young Adults Face Challenges in Transitioning Toward Independence...

Some young adults are a bit too eager to get out on their own, yearning for freedom without the foundation of independence. Others never seem to want to leave. Our staff can help young adults and parents work together to form a solid strategy for independence, even when that hasn't worked out in the past. It's not always easy, but it's a critical party of life's game plan.

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Behavioral Problems

Helping Families Understand and Modify Behavior in Children Ages 3 to 12...

Parenting a child with behavioral or psychological problems can be frustrating. Adrian Zelvy and Alisha Saucedo have broad knowledge and experience working with families to treat childhood disorders, to reduce intensity and frequency of conflict, and to curb distressing behaviors. Using evidence-based techniques and a mix of individual, play, and family therapy, our staff returns behavior management to parents, enhancing parenting effectiveness to improve child and family functioning.

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School and Academic Problems

Elementary and Middle School Children May Struggle Academically or Socially...

Adrian Zelvy and Alisha Saucedo work with families to improve school performance in children. We offer assessment for childhood Attention Deficit Disorder (hyperactive and inattentive) through interview and testing, and can refer in-house to Kelsey Daughterty, APRN for medication management. They provide expert opinion and report writing on Individual Education Plans (IEP), and 504s and work todevelop accommodations with area schools.

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Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, and More

Children Are Not Immune From Mental Health Concerns...

We sometimes forget that elementary and middle school children are susceptible to psychological issues, particularly in times of stress or if a family member also has a mental health diagnosis. It takes extra training and experience to work with younger children. Adrian Zelvy and Alisha Saucedo have the credentials to help families and children cope with anxiety, depression, ADHD, oppositional behavior, and other concerns.

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While Family Psychological Services specializes in adolescent, child and family psychology, we do see adult clients in a limited scope of practice. We do not provide any dehospitalization services for adults and cannot provide crisis intervention during acute psychiatric incidents. We do not provide private or public disability assessment or referral for adults. From August to May, we try to reserve evening hours for teens and children to avoid missed days of school. During the summer, evening hours are more accessible for adults, as teens can come during the day. At our first session, we'll determine if you're within our scope of practice. If we decide that you're not, we'll help you find a referral, and we won't charge you for the session. Here are some of our specialty areas for adults.

Relationships, Marriage, and Sexuality

You Don't Have to Settle for a Good Enough Relationship...

Dr. Wes is a Certified Sex Therapist (AASECT) and holds Health Certificates in Sex Therapy and Sex Education from The University Of Michigan. He leads our staff work in working with relationships at ever stage of evolution, from dating through marriage. We provide confidential, state-of-the-art consultation for straight clients, as well as those who identify GBLT or are questioning their sexual or gender identity. We can assist in recovery from sexual assault and mistreatment. Couples wait an average of six years too long to seek help. Don't wait another day. Click here to learn more about insurance reimbursement for relationship and sex therapy.

Pregnancy Planning

A Positive Pregnancy Test Can Bring Waves of Joy or Shudders of Despair...

Dr. Wes specializes in counseling services at every stage of pregnancy and pre-pregnancy from family planning, to infertility support, to treatment of postpartum mood disorders. He is especially skilled at offering caring, non-judgmental guidance for navigating unplanned pregnancy including weighing options for adoption and abortion, as well as helping families and couples adjust to the life changes when keeping the baby.

Family Mental Health

Every Family Member's Psychological Health Impacts the Others...

Family Psychological Services understands no one is really an individual outside their larger social context. Families are interconnected in a way unlike any other social entity. So, when one or more members are struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or ADHD, the entire family experiences it, too. Our staff work with individual adults who fit into our scope of practice by harnassing the natural synergy of couples and families to both support recovery and help other members cope more effectively.

Not all relationships turn out as planned. Our staff have extensive training and experience in divorce and custody, along with a network of attorneys and mediators who can assist couples in creating the most successful divorce and custody arrangement possible. Dr. Wes often speaks to groups of family attorneys and mediators. Our entire staff is especially adept at working with teens and children to help them convey their needs and wishes to parents and the court in a way that creates the least untoward situations possible for children.

Our staff adhere to guidelines set forth by the American Psychological Association (APA), the American Board of Forensic Psychology (ABFP), and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) in providing services with clients going through divorce.

Divorce and Coparenting Therapy

Not All Marriages Turn Out as Planned, but Any Marriage Can Come to a Successful Conclusion...

Many couples come to therapy on the fence about divorce vs reconciliation. Our staff can help you weigh the pros and cons of continuing the marriage. If divorce is found to be the right option, our staff can help parties reach optimal parenting plans, best-practices coparenting, benevolent disengagement, and preparation for mediation. We can also help with divorce recovery and reentry into the dating pool.

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Helping Children Cope

Childproof Your Divorce...

Many parties rightly worry about the impact divorce will have on children and teens. But the research suggests that a well-executed, low-conflict divorce is generally superior to a hostile, loveless marriage. The trick is getting from a broken marriage to a divorce your children can trust and respect. If you're willing to do the hard work, our staff can guide divorced or divorcing parents toward a higher ground in the best interests of their children.

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Custody Evaluation

Courts Rely on Dr. Wes Crenshaw's Forensic Reports in Determining Custody and Parenting Plans...

Dr. Wes Crenshaw provides custody evaluations for area courts. He generally will not begin an evaluation until the current one is complete, meaning he can do about four per calendar year, depending on complexity, age of the children, and number of subjects. Wholly separate from this, Dr. Crenshaw occasionally provides expert testimony for existing cases in which an evaluation or court decision is being reviewed.

To minimize any risk or presumption of bias, parties interested in a custody evaluation or expert testimony should never contact an evaluator directly. All communication should be initiated by an attorney. For custody evaluations that should be copied to opposing counsel. No attorney should share any information about the case during the initial consultation except to provide the number of children in the dispute, their ages, and the location of the respective homes.

Every evaluation draws on Dr. Crenshaw's 23 years of practice as a Family Psychology and adheres to APA Guidelines; ABFP Forensic Training; Adherence to AFCC Guidelines; and Kansas Statute. Though every case is different, each typically includes gender impartial assessment; extensive interview of parties to attain a thorough analysis of the family's developmental timeline; child interviews (late elementary and above); and interview of collaterals. Evaluations are designed to use cost efficient procedures and are intended to yield as specific a recommendation set as possible for custody and parenting time.

Pre-Evaluation Meeting. Dr. Crenshaw meets with all attorneys and GALs in a settlement-conference style format before meeting with the paties to go over the procedures to be used and discuss referral questions to be answered in the evaluation. There he will determine factors that may influence the direction and cost of the evaluation including age of the children (older children tend to be interviewed more); current parenting plan; potential collateral contacts (friends, school, therapists, etc.); alleged or documented history of child abuse; whether the evaluation may involve a relocation; each party's aspirational parenting plan; fees for report writing and testimony; obstacles to dispute resolution; and projected extent of document review.

Form of the Order. The custody evaluation order must be signed by the judge before the evaluation begins. The order must name Wesley Crenshaw, PhD as the court's expert and order the parties to participate and to release any and all collateral witnesses from confidentiality. The order should describe how the costs are to be split (e.g., 60/40; 50/50).

Expert Witness Status. Once appointed to serve as a custody evaluator, Dr. Crenshaw will never agree to serve as an expert for one side or the other, nor to provide any other service to the parties (therapy, case management, etc.). At the judge's request, Dr. Crenshaw may agree to re-examine the case at some point later on to answer specific referral questions that may require time and experience to fully apprehend.

Distance Evaluation. Rural Kansas courts are no longer limited to local experts who may face various conflicts of interest due to a scarcity of local providers. Distance evaluation is now possible using encrypted video conferencing and high-speed broadband. Dr. Crenshaw can structure an evaluation to begin with a visit to any community in Kansas for a two-day orientation, testing, and initial interview sessions at the office of the respective counsel. The remainder of the interviews can be conducted using FaceTime or Collateral interviews may be conducted by phone. Court testimony is, of course, in-person. Estimated fees for custody evaluation must be paid before the process begins.

Charges. Dr. Crenshaw attempts to hold costs down, but it is impossible to know how much a custody evaluation will cost. The initial deposit may not cover all fees. Costs for custody evaluations have ranged over the past five years from $5,500 to $18,000 depending upon complexity.

Witness Fees. Fees to testify as the court's expert must be paid prior to any court hearing to which Dr. Crenshaw is called. Purchasing his time does not imply that he will be testifying for the person who calls him. Dr. Crenshaw remains the court's expert regardless of who pays the witness fees.